Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not really a new post

I have insomnia and I thought this Facebook exchange was funny.  To be fair, I find rhyming words like "barbaric" with "hysteric" and "numeric" hysterically funny, too.  So you probably shouldn't be paying attention to me.  Actually, it's not so much an exchange as it is just me rambling to myself.  Although I do find terms like "computer whiz" funny.  He said "whiz."  *snicker*

I have insomnia.  I might have said that already.  I did say that four sentences ago.  It was a long four sentences.  For me.  It was probably fine for you.  k, I need to stop talking now.  Also, I can't seem to resize this.  It's really hard to read...which is ironic because it's a Snip where I admit to being ├╝ber-lame with computers.  Now I just rhymed "ironic" with "I'm on it" which probably doesn't even rhyme but in my head I think it does.  Like when singers mispronounciate words to make them work in a song.

ETA:  spellcheck has just informed me that mispronounciate isn't even a real word.  Since when?  I've been saying that for years.